Why Use Me As Your Toastmaster And What Will I Do?

As your Toastmaster I will...


  • Be there for the arrival of your guests, drinks reception and any photography.
  • Oversee timings and seating for the ceremony/dinner proceedings.
  • Co-ordinate and announce any ceremony or presentations/speakers and speeches/wedding cake cutting/raffle or auction.
  • Always explain, as necessary, what is to happen, who needs to be where and when.
  • Be the 'glue' between yourselves, your guests, your venue staff, your photographer and any guest speakers or entertainers.
  • Be as formal or relaxed as you require.
  • Take control when necessary, but generally be lighthearted and adaptable to almost any situation.
  • Be reliable, calm, personable and flexible.
  • Add a touch of style to your day, as well as a little bit of personality and humour, if appropriate.
  • Be front of house and master of ceremonies, or blend into the background - it is, after all, your day and your event, not mine.


Although as a Toastmaster I will make announcements and guide people through your event, it is actually the things you don't really see me do that are the most important;

I will co-ordinate between yourselves, your guests and all the professionals involved in your big day, including the staff at the venue, any photographer, videographer, DJ, band and any entertainers.

I will help to ensure that everything runs really smoothly and there are no gaps or last-minute panics.

Everyone will be at the right place at the right time and will know just when, where and how things will be happening. This, of course, takes a lot of stress off you plus other organisers, professionals, venue staff, family members or best man, who will all be more relaxed and able to enjoy your special day even more.