Q. What will your charges be?
A. My fee will vary depending on the event, location and the duration. However it is often only equivalent to the cost of hiring a couple of morning suits or an entertainer.


Q. Will you travel anywhere?
A. Yes, but I may have to make a charge for travel time if your event is over 100 miles or 2 hours travelling time for me. Anything under that I consider to be a 'local' job.


Q. Can we talk to you before the day?
A. Absolutely. From the moment you book me, I am your toastmaster. I am always available and encourage you to ask me anything I may be able to help with, including tradition, timings and organisation. I will contact you to discuss your hopes and plans for your event in more detail well before the big day actually arrives.


Q. Are you happy to wear something other than your red jacket uniform?
A. Of course. I have dressed as an Arabian for an 'East meets West'-themed party and as Prince Charming for a 'Princess and the Frog' wedding. I also regularly wear my black tailcoat instead of red if that fits in better with what’s required.


Q. What time will you arrive and how long will you be with us for?
A. This depends entirely on you and on the event. I will always arrive in good time to meet venue staff, learn a new venue's layout and make any other preparations. Sometimes I will leave a wedding after the wedding breakfast. Occasionally I will remain to introduce the first dance. For some functions, if I have a role to play, I will be there until 'carriages' at midnight or 1am.


Q. Can you recommend other professionals, entertainers or suppliers?
A. I prefer not to get involved in recommending suppliers, however there are several photographers that I work alongside regularly whose style and photographs I like and with whom I work well.